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Looking for Top-Notch Transport and Booking App?


DrAyBeR is all in one mobile booking app to serve public needs to all types of services for online booking, pre-booking transportation, pickup and delivery, food order, parcel and document delivery. Included more services for taxi's, tourist, rental transport servcies, mobile booking services, live navigation system, real time GPS tracking system, fleet management and monitoring system. Also online store and online shopping using mobile booking app flatform.


DrAyBeR is new mobile online booking app to be presented in the Philippines. DrAyBeR mobile app made by Filipino idea to help all transportation issues, mobile booking to help all drivers to have jobs and serve the public needs, to help all users to make easily book their rental, pickup and deliveries,buying tru mobile app and transport requirement with safety and security for public, small and big businesses use purposes.


DrAyBeR and our team of professional, we are available whenever you need us. We don't just booking services but also we are a fleet management to monitor your delivery, drivers and vehicle's included riders activity with complete details, reports, history management system.


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DrAyBeR Management

Pre-Arrange booking for transportation

Using DrAyBer booking app for pre-arrange booking, fleet, and monitoring solution for transportation businesses.  Driver and vehicle can be tracked in real time via mobile and computer admin dashboard and get updated informations in real time.


Pickup and Delivery

Using DrAyBer booking app for pickup and delivery, it can be booked and assign to motor rider automatically who is the nearest motor rider that can accept and pick up the order and motor rider will deliver the item/s to the customer's destination point with cares and safeness.  Delivery can be monitored in real time.


Merchant App flatform

DrAyBeR Merchant app is use for seller ot store owner using mobile app or digital flatform system to sell the prodcts, the system is a ready to use to communicate buyers, drivers, and merchants using by ordering available products from Drayber Ph app w/ online store & shops.


Online Store and Online Shopping

DrAyBer Ph mobile app is a mobile flatform to be used to buy anything from mobile online stores. You can select available products foods, snacks, groceries, household items, medicines and other medical supplies, and many more from DrAyBer merchant. Delivery service also available once you order the item/s. You ca to pay via your DrAyBeR eWallet account or COD.


Cashless or Digital Payment

Wallet recharge or cash can be used as basic payment, depend on user the  payment availability. If wallet recharge can be used, need to pay trough Gcash to remit the amount to DrAyBer account and the receipt available on Drayber app orders to review the payment.


Drivers & Users Requirement

- Download the apps for Android and IOS

- Mobile Number

- Active Mobile Data

- Mobile must a windows and touch screen for easy

  access and downloading DrAyBeR app


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How to use DrAyBeR app?



1. Download Drayber Ph Driver app from Google Playstore (Android Only)       

2. Register driver account with your mobile number but NO ZERO from start no.

3. Upload all photos document requirement

4. Wait for document approval and apps activation

5. Wait the DrAyBeR approval and activation

6. After the approval completed, receiving password, ready to use app

7. Login your account w/ your temporary password and chage it from profiles

8. Turn your apps ON

9. Don't forget to use topup eWallet via DrAyBeR Gcash

10. Now you are ready to accept booking

11. Follow instructions once you accept the booking from rider

11. Drive safely while you are travelling with your passenger

13. Smoking is not allowed while you are travelling.



1. Download Drayber Ph Customer app from Google Playstore (Android Only)

2. Register user account with your mobile number but NO ZERO from start no.

3. User is automatic apps activation and ready to use apps

4. Login your account

5. Select your package and services required

6. Don't forget to use topup eWallet via DrAyBeR Gcash

7. Wait for available driver acceptance and ready to go

8. Smoking is not allowed while you are travelling.



1. Download Drayber Ph Merchant app from Google Playstore (Android Only)

2. Register Merchant account with your mobile number but NO ZERO from start no.

3. Merchant required approval and activation before you login

4. Login your account

5. Enter your address pickup point

6. Enter your address destination point

7. Select your package required and vehicle type

8. Select your payment and enter promo code if available

9. eWallet recharge via Gcash

10. Wait for available driver acceptance and ready to go

11. Smoking is not allowed while you are travelling.